Client Spotlight: Taking Back Control, Finding Routine And Fueling For Performance With Frannie Corbet

Step into the world of Frannie, a powerhouse of determination and resilience. Juggling the demands of a full-time accounting career, part-time CrossFit coaching, and the role of a devoted single mother, her days were a whirlwind of activity, with a daily commute by ferry and bus. Yet, amidst this whirlwind, Frannie had a burning desire for change - to reclaim control over her nutrition, her performance, and her well-being.

Enter our coaching program, where we embarked on a transformative journey with Frannie. Our mission? To banish the stress and uncertainty surrounding her diet, ensuring she was nourished both mentally and physically to excel in every aspect of her life. From crafting tailored meal plans packed with flavor and nutrition to providing unwavering support and guidance, we tailored our approach to fit seamlessly into Frannie's bustling lifestyle.

“To say the least, I was really really busy… last spring I was not eating nearly enough or what I needed to be eating to support my active life and goals. I bit the bullet and decided to get 1:1 nutrition coaching through The Swole Kitchen. I began working with Jocelyn. She instantly identified that I was in a calorie deficit and said “you are going to think I’m crazy but I’m increasing your food intake” I told her “I’m an athlete, I just want to be told what to do. Give me a plan and I will do it.” Not only did she give me a meal plan with all foods I liked, she made it easy for me.”

The results were nothing short of remarkable. With newfound energy and clarity, Frannie conquered her daily challenges with ease. Not only did she smash through her performance goals in the gym, but she also achieved a level of confidence and control over her body that she had only dreamed of. By aligning her nutrition with her goals, she unlocked a newfound sense of empowerment that radiated from within. 

“By the third week, I wasn’t just seeing results, I had a daily routine that was easy to follow. I was able to throw my breakfast (and second breakfast) together in less than ten mins, I only had to dedicate about an hour of meal prep from lunch and dinners two days a week.”

Now, as Frannie sets her sights on her next fitness conquest, she carries with her the invaluable lessons learned during our coaching journey. Armed with the tools and skills to fuel her success, she is poised to make 2024 her strongest and most victorious season yet. For Frannie, the journey towards health and happiness is an ongoing evolution - and with our guidance, she continues to thrive with each passing day.

Body Recomp Transformation

“Months later since 1:1, I still follow the weekly meal plans she provided me. I have not gained any of the weight back, I am the strongest I have ever been, and never feel fatigued. Overall, Jocelyn made everything about nutrition easy. A healthy daily habit to fit my active lifestyle.

Since exiting her nutrition coaching program, Frannie has remained in the competitive fitness coaching program  provided by Coach Donnie at The Swole Kitchen and she’s looking to make 2024 her strongest and highest performing season yet. She uses the tools and skills that nutrition coaching has taught her to be the victor of her story, working on her health as a continuum, to be healthier and happier with every passing day.

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