Client Spotlight: Creating Healthy Lifelong Habits For Sustainable Results With Rachel

Rachel's unwavering commitment to both her career and her role as an aunt reflects a deep understanding that being a present role model is paramount, emerging as a driving force midway through her coaching journey. When Rachel approached us at TSK, she was determined to break free from the cycle of exhaustion and discontent, seeking a transformative change with lasting impact.

In a collaborative effort spanning eight months, Coach Jocelyn and Rachel meticulously redefined the scope of her goals. Initially focused on lowering body fat percentage through meal plan coaching, Rachel quickly recognized the broader significance of her aspirations. Reflecting on her experience, she shared, "While working with Jocelyn for the last eight months, I have learned more about fueling my body than I thought." Her objectives evolved beyond mere weight loss, encompassing a profound transformation of habits tailored to fueling her body for various scenarios, from extended weekends at the softball field to full-day meetings and sleepovers with her niece.

“I've had so many wins that have more to do with handling life while using nutrition as the vehicle and Jocelyn is so great about making sure we pause to celebrate them.

The most significant transformation we accomplished with Rachel was a profound rekindling of her relationship with food. It began with a deliberate shift in her perception of weight loss, emphasizing that the key isn't always consuming less, but making informed choices. At TSK, we take pride in empowering our clients, instilling the belief that they can indulge in delicious meals while still achieving their goals. Throughout this transformative journey, Rachel found herself enjoying more home-cooked meals, strategically planning for softball games, and reclaiming her time during the week by minimizing reliance on takeout.

In the course of Rachel's weight-loss journey, challenges surfaced, and Coach Jocelyn collaborated with her to overcome these roadblocks. Rachel's temporary enjoyment of soda posed a hurdle, but the approach was not about elimination; rather, it underscored the importance of moderation and understanding one's cravings. Through months of collaboration, Rachel gained awareness of her soda consumption triggers, resulting in a significant reduction to just once every two weeks—an impactful change that unblocked her path.

“Coach Jocelyn always meets me where I am and helps me move forward with our check in calls each week. She's been nothing but encouraging when I start to be too hard on myself and goes out of her way to help me stay on track. I'm so thankful for her, our work together and TSK.”

Each client in our coaching program is approached with a unique strategy, recognizing that no two journeys are alike. TSK is committed to creating a supportive and educational environment that addresses individual struggles. Rachel's initial sense of being at a dead end transformed as she realized the ongoing nature of her journey. The learned habits and mindset changes acquired during coaching will serve as a steadfast guide in the years to come, a testament to the enduring impact of her TSK experience.

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