1:1 Customized Meal Plans + Online Training

  • $350.00


With 1:1 Customized Meal Plans, Nutrition Coaching, and Online Personal Training you will receive weekly meal plans with the food you love, training program(s) carefully curated for your goals, and access to your coach for maximum accountability, encouragement, and motivation.

With 7 day a week full-time access, unlimited check-ins, and communication with your coach, we give you a virtual partner to ensure you transcend your goals. We use branded tracking apps for your meal plans and your customized online training program for ease of access and to accurately measure progress.


  • Professional Coaching Accountability & Support

  • Unlimited Check-Ins With Your Coach

  • Completely Customized Meal Plans Delivered Weekly

  • Grocery Lists For Every Meal Plan

  • Recipes For Every Meal Plan

  • Completely Customized Online Training Program(s)

  • Personalized & Professionally Calculated Macros to Fit Your Goals

  • Weekly & Monthly Assessments

  • Exercise Videos For Training Plan Movements

  • Portion Guides For Every Meal Plan

  • Customized Supplement Recommendations From Swolverine

  • Tracking App Access & Use


  • Month to Month Payment

  • 3-Month Minimum Requirement


  • Major Weight Loss (20+ lbs)

  • Weight Loss (20 or fewer lbs)

  • Weight Gain

  • Muscle Mass Gain

  • Body Fat Loss

  • Body Recomposition

  • Athletic Performance

  • Overall Health Wellness

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cherianne Benoit
Life Changing Experience

Overall working with The Swole Kitchen was nothing short of amazing. After our initial assessment, Alexandria realized exactly where my diet needed help and set up a plan to help me reach my goals. At first I was a little intimidated with that (why wouldn’t I be, I’d been winging it for 40+ years?). Did I mess it up? Absolutely! This was my first time with a structured eating plan. She quickly got me back on track and did so with the “it’s ok, you’re human” mentality... something I really needed. When there were issues with the meal plan, she quickly gave me a variety of different options. Historically, food has been a constant stressor in my life - as a college gymnast we were subjected to massive restrictions and shaming with weight gain... which carried over to adulthood. I was afraid of carbs, not sure how much to eat and felt terrible whenever I incorporated a treat into my day. Alex helped me work through that and educate me on the WHY of her meal plan... she helped me reach my goals (CrossFit Games) AND completely transformed my relationship with food. This experience was truly life changing.


It has been good. Alex is truly helpful, she’s there to guide you through any situation. Life is tough, but she understands. She’s great at what she does.

No Brainer

I have been with this coaching for 2+ years now and it has been life changing. My coach has stuck by me through thick and thin through my fitness journey…who could ask for anything more, but to have someone always in your corner cheering for you. She holds me accountable and supports me with whatever life is throwing at me. I have changed my relationship with food, with my body and have learned to love what looks back at me.

Lynn Griffin
TSK coaching

My experience with Alix as my nutrition coach was great. She was spot on in her calculations for my nutrition goals/ macros. She always had a positive outlook , even if I messed up . She even helped with my limited cooking skills! If you are considering coaching, take the plunge and trust in Alix!

willie balthis

Experience has been amazing and easy to follow