Client Spotlight: Kyle's Weight Loss Journey

Kyle is a father, husband, and busy professional. After he graduated college and stepped into a full time successful position to make a name for himself, build a family, and a life he loved, fifteen years later he realized he wasn’t sure how to take care of himself or his health. That’s when he found The Swole Kitchen nutrition coaching and when he realized he deserved more for himself, too. When we asked Kyle about his experience in coaching, he said “It’s not an exaggeration to say that Alix and the Swole Kitchen program changed my life”.

While to some, it might seem like an overly strong statement, to those looking to take charge of their health, energy, mood state, and self confidence, it’s nothing short of an understatement.

“Through meal planning, nutrition advice, and regular coaching calls, I have lost 50 pounds over one year and got into the best shape of my life.” 

It’s important to note though, that while yes, we provided Kyle the support system and framework, he did the work. He did all of the work, investment in himself, and committed himself mentally, emotionally, and physically to the lifestyle changes to improve his relationship with food, himself, and his life. They weren’t extreme measures, and in fact, they were quite simple, but together we aimed to form a dynamic duo of a team to get him where he wanted to go, while enjoying the journey along the way.

“From the start, Alix took the time to understand my goals, lifestyle, and food preferences. She crafted a personalized meal plan that was straightforward and tasty. That made it easy to stay committed without feeling deprived.”

“What made the difference – compared with other things I’ve tried – were the regular coaching calls. Beyond monitoring my progress, these calls were my rock of motivation and support. You don’t realize how much of an emotional process weight loss is until you go through it – and my coach understood not just the nuts and bolts of the process, but the challenging mental and emotional side.”

Nutrition coaching isn’t always about an A to Z process. Instead, it’s about the ups, the downs, and the everything in between, realizing that YOU are one of the best projects you’ll ever work on. That you deserve to feel healthy, strong, and worthy of your own time, self respect, and nourishment. “Today I feel strong, healthy, and empowered to continue to pursue my goals. I’m not done with my fitness journey (I’m not sure anyone ever is), but I now have the tools and the experience to keep climbing.”

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