Why Is Protein Important For Body Recomposition

There’s a lot of information, and confusion, here on the internet around protein, body recomposition, and what to do in order to achieve that lean defined physique you most often see on social media like IG and TikTok. That’s why we’re going to give you the quick guide on why is protein important for body recomposition, what body recomposition is, and how you can improve your health and habits to work towards your aesthetic goals.

What Is Protein

Protein is macronutrient found in food, supplements, and exist in the human body as large, complex molecules. Our body uses them for structure, issues, organs, and overall function. They are made up of smaller units called amino acids and there are over 20 different types that can make up a protein.

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What Is Body Recomposition

Body recomposition is the concept of reducing body fat while simultaneously maintaining and/or increasing muscle mass. This is typically achieved by helping individuals eat right under, or close to, their maintenance calories, while putting an emphasis on their exercise/training program. Protein helps you build muscle, repair muscle, regulate blood sugar, and many other benefits that contribute to body recomposition. 

Why Is Protein Important For Weight Loss

Protein has the highest thermic effect (TEF) of all macronutrients in the body. This means it takes your body more energy, or callers, to digest process the nutrients in protein. The more protein you eat, the more calories you burn, the more satiated and balanced you feel. Protein is important for weight loss becuase if you’re looking to lean out and have that more defined physique, you’re going to need to burn more body fat. Regular protein consumption balanced blood sugar levels, to avoid gaining body fat, as well as provides really quality nutrients for building and rebuilding (and reshaping) muscle mass for your desired aesthetic.

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Why Is Protein Important For Muscle Growth

Protein is important for muscle growth because it is the primary macronutrient required for muscle protein synthesis. This is the process of building and rebuilding muscle tissue with amino acids, the building blocks of muscle. If you’re not eating enough protein, and exercising regularly, you’re going to be breaking down the muscle tissue from your exercise and not providing your body with any/sufficient nutrients to repair and rebuild that muscle.

This means losing muscle and potentially even gaining body fat. If you’re looking to increase muscle protein synthesis, we recommend supplementing with a high quality protein powder, drinking BCAAs or EAAs mid workout, eating quality carbohydrates throughout the day and getting restful sleep at night.

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The Best Body Recomposition Diet

The best body recomposition diet is one that incorporates an appropriate level of protein, carbohydrates, and omega-3 rich fats to optimize your energy levels to support training and aesthetic goals. This also includes hydrating adequately, having a bedtime/sleeping routine, keeping stress in check, and having a routine in place for your eating. While yes, body recomp is about nutrition, it is very much also about how you’re training and getting under weights so that you can build the muscle, not just cut body fat.

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The Best Body Recomp Workout Plan

The best body recomp workout plan is one that is coupled with dialing in your nutrition (especially with the help of a nutritionist/professional health coach or online personal trainer). Your training program should have a stimulus focused on progressive overload. This means a training plan that increases resistance, endurance, tempo, and reps over a set amount of time so that you can progressively overload the muscle, break down the muscle fibers, and rebuild them in your rest and with your nutrition. And example of a good body recomp workout plan that incorporates progressive overload might look like adding more weight to the bar, doing more reps with high intensity, and having productive, focused training sessions. That means not sitting on your phone and getting distracted/discouraged.

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Protein For Body Recomposition: Takeaway

Body recomposition is trendy and for a good reason. Why? Because when you optimize body composition by reducing body fat and increasing strength, you don't have to go into severe caloric deficits or severely restrict calories to achieve the goal. You can focus more on how you feel while developing the relationship between the brain and the body instead of relying on the scale to do the work for you and to justify your habits or not. Instead of feeling deprived, beat down, restricted and exhausted, you can focus on getting buff, having more definition, improving energy, strengthening your relationship with food, and 'rising the tide for all boats'. If you're not sure where to start or how to do it? No problem - seek out a 1:1 coaching experience that is short and immersive with The Swole Kitchen to not only achieve goals, but learn how to maintain and sustain them long after coaching ends.


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