Why Are Check-Ins Important In Nutrition Coaching

When you enter into a nutrition coaching program there are various ways that we can measure and monitor progress. Whether the coach uses photos, measurements, weight, behaviors, habits, or other behaviors to monitor your progress, on the client side these check-ins can seem tedious, annoying, and a waste of time. So why are check-ins important? What are they used for? And how as a client can nutrition coaching check-ins become a more enjoyable thing that you actually look forward to rather than dreading every Friday? Let’s dig in a bit further.

What Is A Check-In

A check-in is simply a day, time, appointment or task that a coach uses to collect important, and very valuable, information from you about your coaching experience. These check-ins should be conducted and/or scheduled on a consistent basis to give a real, honest look into what progress you are or aren’t making. For the client, it is a time to reflect, celebrate, and game plan with their coach moving forward on how they can achieve the best results and enjoy the process/journey as much as possible. Check-ins are also a great way to receive feedback, accountability, and education pieces about nutrition and fitness as they relate to you specifically.

The Swole Kitchen Check-Ins

Here at TSK we honor the client as much as possible and recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the best for our clients. With that being said, when we onboard you into our branded coaching app, we will ask to collect all markers of measurement from you (i.e. photos, body measurements, weight, etc.), but moving forward, we will only use those that empower you and that support your journey rather than take away from it. What do we mean by that? Well, for some, the scale is not something that they have a very healthy relationship with. This tool no longer is a tool at that point and instead is something that hurts or detracts from the clients overall success. So, we use other markers of progress, like photos and satisfaction feedback instead. 


How Do You Remember To Do Check-Ins

For clients here at TSK check ins are scheduled on your app calendar and they will pop up on the appropriate day to prompt you to submit your information in a very easy to complete manner. For other programs, or if you’re working on your goals alone, it is important to collect this information on a regular/consistent basis, so we may recommend setting a time or event in your calendar that pops up on the same day and time for you to complete your progress indicators.

When To Complete Check-Ins

Check-ins with nutrition coaching and online personal training are best done on the same day, at the same time, in the same outfit. Just as tracking macros depends on consistency to give an accurate look at what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat, collecting information about your progress in coaching is actually no different. For example, if your check-in is due on a Friday, take your photos before you eat and after you use the restroom (same thing with the weight measurement). Get into the same outfit you wore in the beginning, show some skin, and watch the side by side change as the weeks pass. If Friday’s aren’t the best day for you then ask your coach or communicate with your coach when you can do them so that you both can have appropriate expectations. Nothing is worse than feeling like you have to do something when your schedule doesn’t allow, because ultimately, this doesn’t set you up for success and instead it just sets you up for failure.


What Happens If You Miss A Check In

The best thing you can do is complete your check-ins on the designated days that you and your coach agree on. That being said, we get it, life happens. Let’s say you end up missing a check in, what do you do!? The best thing to do is to just complete it. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to get done. If you miss an entire week, make sure you get it the next week. Without this information your coach cannot do their job to the best of their ability. When the client doesn't doing it, the old habit of the all or nothing mentality creeps in strong, and this is where progress is lost. 

Lean on your coach, ask for help, and make it happen, even if things haven’t gone according to plan. Here is coaching we’re not asking for perfection, we’re asking for effort. We know that this process is new and we do not expect you to be great at everything on the first go round. Hiding from your coach, tossing your program in the ‘f*ck it bucket’, or feeling like a failure is what you should NOT do. Nutrition coaching, your health, and online personal training is about progress, not perfection.

Why Are Check-Ins Important In Nutrition Coaching: Takeaway

Long story short, check-ins are one of the best opportunities for coaching to really shine. Not only will you receive accountability, support, and feedback, but you’ll also be able to constructively share feedback, ask questions, and enrich your coaching experience when you successfully complete them. Just remember – consistency is key! What is done often can be done well. We’re not looking for perfect, just effort. Let it be messy. We’re here to help you navigate the journey to be as successful as possible. There is no timeline, we’ll get there when we do.


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