20 Healthy Beach Snack Ideas

So you’ve been working on your goals, taking care of yourself, watching what you eat and making sure you’re putting healthy and nutritious foods in your body. Now it’s time for vacay and you’re headed to enjoy yourself some sunshine. Wondering what are some healthy beach snacks? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at The Swole Kitchen nutrition coaching we help our clients design a nutritional lifestyle that they love, where they can enjoy their life and the activities in it while feeling energized and fed all with the power of food.

“Healthy” Is A Relative Term

Before we get into our list of healthy beach snacks, let’s take a moment to realize that ‘heathy’ is a relative term. Diet culture and the diet world teaches us that healthy ‘looks’ a lot like salads, low carb, diets and restriction, when in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Healthy is what we believe represents foods that provide both nutrients and energy to your body. And honestly, that looks different from person to person. However, in coaching we teach clients that ‘healthy’ means not restricting yourself, eating foods that are low in sugar, high in nutrients, have some protein, and that keep you full and satiated for a long time.

These types of foods are going to be able to be digested in the GI tract with ease and provide you with the vibrancy to focus on what you’re doing, rather than what you’re eating, especially when it comes to going to the beach. The last thing you want to feel is puffy, fussy, and guilty about what you just ate, right? Or even worse, go a whole day in the sunshine without eating. Yuck. Let’s get into our favorite healthy beach snacks, shall we?

Lunch Meat and Crackers (skip the cheese)

(protein and carbs)

Frozen Grapes

(refreshing carbs, very easy healthy beach snack)

Roasted Chickpeas

(incomplete protein, easy to pack)

Healthy Beach Snack - The Swole Kitchen

Beef Jerky


Fig Bars

(slow digesting carbohydrates)

Barebells Bars

(protein source, might melt, easy healthy beach snack)

 Healthy Beach Snack - The Swole Kitchen

Quest Chips

(crunchy, low carb, protein packed)

Chicken Wrap

(complete meal, carbs and protein)

WILDE Chicken Chips

(crunchy, low carb, protein packed)

 Healthy Beach Snack - The Swole Kitchen 

Peanut Butter & Jelly

(who doesn't love this classically easy healthy beach snack

Deli Turkey on a Protein Bagel

(complete meal, add veggies and cheese, use Dave's Killer Bagel)

Chobani Complete Drinkable Yogurt

(complete protein, need to keep cold)

Healthy Beach Snack Idea - The Swole Kitchen

Chopped Vegetables

(easy to pack and eat)

Pretzels and Hummus

(carbs and incomplete protein, crunchy)

Low Fat String Cheese

(easy source of protein, easy healthy beach snack keep cool)

  Healthy Beach Snack Ideas - The Swole Kitchen

Tuna Packet and Rice Cakes

(extremely easy source of protein and carbs, low fat)

Air Popped Popcorn

(fun, easy to eat as long as you don’t get sand in it, yuck!)

Swolverine Protein Shake

(bring protein powder in a shaker and add the water later) 

healthy beach snack ideas


RX Nut Butter Packets

(portable, great warm or chilled, easy healthy beach snack)

Frozen Water Bottles


Healthy Beach Snacks: Takeaway 

All in all, the snacks that you take to the beach can keep you fed, full, and energized to focus on the real stuff, like the people and the views in front of you. Food shouldn’t be complicated so do your best to try not to make it that way. Keep it simple, pack it with protein, and keep those healthy beach snacks nearby. Don’t forget the water!


The Swole Kitchen provides 1:1 nutrition coaching, macro coaching, and custom meal plans to help guide you to becoming the best version of yourself. We teach you how to enjoy the foods you love in the right amounts, so you can fit into your favorite pair of jeans, hit your health and fitness goals, and be healthy and happy. We guide you through making sound nutritional decisions and teach you along the way, so you can learn how to take control of your health, and discover what if feels like to live again.
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