RX Competitive Fitness Programming

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The RX program is for athletes who can perform all standard prescribed movements in training and competition. With a customized approach we will develop overall work capacity in all areas of fitness to create a more well-rounded athlete capable of reaching the next level. With the support of a dedicated coach and customized programming, the athlete will see development in both performance and mental capacities.

Who Is The Program Designed For

The competitive athlete looking to be in the 90th percentile to qualify for quarterfinals. This program is also for an athlete looking to achieve a top-level quarterfinals performance as an RX athlete with aspirations to compete in Semifinals during the CrossFit Games (or similar style competition)

Goals Of The Programming

  • Build work capacity on pre-existing strengths and skills
  • Perform well in the Open
  • Qualify for CrossFit Quarterfinals
  • Perform well enough in QF to qualify for the Semifinals
  • Learn how to optimize performance capacity while also developing as an athlete mentally
  • Receive accountability, motivation, support, and guidance from a dedicated coach
  • Approach training with intensity and tenacity with the accountability and guidance of a 1:1 coaching program

Training Time Commitment

  • 90-120 minutes per day
  • 1 or 2 sessions per day
  • 5-6 training days per week

Gym + Equipment

  • Access to a standard functional fitness facility
  • Scaling or modifications will be provided if the equipment isn't available


  • Month-to-Month Payment
  • 30-Day Cancellation Notice
  • 3-Month Minimum Requirement

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