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This Week's Topic: Thanksgiving

Monday check in this week is short and sweet due to the holiday. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, we can all learn a little something from navigating the different events and special occasions of life while staying on track.

Tip #1: Don’t Skip Meals

Yes, it might be tempting during special occasions, holiday parties, and holidays to try something new, skip some meals, to try intermittent fasting or a cleanse. However, this is not something that we recommend, because typically speaking, it backfires. Skipping meals, going long periods without eating trying to fast, or cleansing all the good and bad bacteria out of your gut can lead to feelings of restriction, irrational hunger, and/or overeating. Instead, stick with your normal schedule of eating and have the special occasion foods in small amounts, similar to your normal portions, so that you don’t throw your body out of wack. You can manage your hunger, stay on track, and enjoy the holidays. If anything, allow yourself permission to eat without restriction induced binges. 

Tip #2: Navigating Alcohol

A couple drinks a week isn’t a big deal but if you’ve been on this journey you might start to notice that you metabolize alcohol a little differently, especially the double IPAs or sugary drinks like margaritas or egg nog. Make sure to stay hydrated, avoid binge drinking, and keep it to a minimum. Spend your calories on food.

Tip #3: Prioritize Protein And Vegetables

Leading up to the big feast make sure not to skip meals, and when you do eat, try to prioritize protein and vegetables. Most of Thanksgiving and other holiday foods are focused around carbs and fats with minimal or limited protein, so the more that you can get these two in, the more you can keep your blood sugar levels balanced and give your body the nutrients it needs.

Tip #4: False Desires vs True Desires

Restriction is something that can really hold people back form their goals and listening to their body. Humans hate feeling restricted and biologically our bodies can run into that overindulgence or splurge when we see food we typically don’t have.

So yeah, if you want a cookie, have one. I’ll be the last person to tell you not to have it. But I will challenge you today, this holiday, the next one and in your day to day lifestyle, are you having it because it is a true desire.. or a false one? Take a couple seconds to have a little ‘check in’ with yourself, take a deep breath, close yoru eyes, and let the impulse subside.

Ask yourself, “Do I want this because of my habit loop is familiar and comforting?”. If the answer is yes, then its likely a false desire. Eating the cookie isn’t going to satisfy you, your current goals, or your true desires, then skip it. Cookies will always be there. If you can begin to recognize false and momentary impulse desires of wanting a cookie because you walked past it vs actually truly wanting it, you’re going to get more satisfaction and pleasure from food, as well as get strengthen your relationship with food and how it affects your body.

Tip #5: Don’t Take The Whole Week Off

Lastly, you might be going on vacation, traveling to see friends or family, enjoying the holiday, but don’t take the whole week off. You’re not on a diet, you’re not following a diet, you don’t need to have a ‘cheat day’ that turns into a ‘cheat week’ that turns into just cheating on this new lifestyle you’re building. Own your actions, apply your habits, listen to your body, and be true to yourself. Eat the food that brings you joy and embrace being around the people you love and enjoy, rather than eating and binging out of impulse and things that bring you false positives.


Most of all, I want you to be grateful for the progress and the journey that you’ve been on. Whether you’ve been here with TSK for a week or two years, the prioritization of your health, body, and relationship with food is worthy of great respect and appreciation. I encourage you to reflect on the changing behaviors and attitudes you’ve had towards yourself so far, and I want you to really dig into yourself and your why, letting it light you up from head to toe with gratitude. 

We don’t have to be here.

We get to be here.

How beautiful is that?

If you’d like to schedule a check in call this week, I will have a limited schedule and will be taking calls Tuesday and Wednesday morning.


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