Elite Competitive Fitness Programming

  • $315.00


The elite competitive 1:1 coaching program is for athletes looking to reach the highest level in the sport of fitness. With a customized approach we’ll focus on specific areas to eliminate weaknesses, increase work capacity, and optimize performance. This program also involves competition peaking, preparation, and in-competition coaching. 

Who Is The Program Designed For

Athletes compete at the Semifinals or CrossFit Games level with the goal of optimizing their performance potential with a customized 1:1 approach from a dedicated professional coach. This program is also designed to help develop and prepare an athlete or any other CrossFit-style competition outside of the regular season.

  • 4+ days/week 
  • semifinals/games level athletes 
  • 120+ minutes of training 
  • custom training program 
  • coach guidance 
  • training feedback 
  • competition prep 
  • in-competition coaching 

Goals Of The Programming

  • Build elite strength and work capacity
  • Develop the athlete mentally and physically
  • Become the best in the sport
  • Support the athlete through the competitive season and beyond
  • Qualify for the Semifinals, the CrossFit Games, or another elite-level functional fitness competition

Training Time Commitment

  • 2-4 hours per day
  • 1 or 2 sessions per day
  • 5-6 training days per week 

Gym + Equipment

  • Access to a standard functional fitness facility
  • Scaling or modifications will be provided if the equipment isn't available


  • Month-to-Month Payment
  • 30-Day Cancellation Notice
  • 3-Month Minimum Requirement

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