What Fruits Can You Eat On Keto

The Keto diet is a trendy and popular for people who are looking to lose weight and try something new. However, this diet is extremely restrictive, cutting out carbohydrates to very low levels and using a high fat and high protein diet to fuel the body. In doing so, the Keto Diet cuts out numerous food groups, including fruit, but when done right, you don't have to cut out nature's candy completely. If you've come to this article wondering to yourself what fruits can you eat on keto, let me tell you, you've come to the right spot.

What Is Keto

Going ‘Keto’ means hopping on this diet train in order to encourage your body to use dietary fat as a fuel source for your energy instead of carbohydrates. Typically speaking, the Keto diet only incorporates 30-60g carbs per day. This means the majority of your food is going to come from dietary fat and dietary protein. A typical Keto macro split is going to be ~ 75 percent of calories coming from fat, 20 percent of calories for protein, and only 5 percent from carbohydrates.

Since fruit is a carbohydrate, having this food group in limited amounts and moderation is the key to still incorporating it into your Keto diet without pushing yourself out of ketosis. That being said, Keto isn’t for everyone, and it’s best if you connect with a healthcare professional, nutritionist, or health/fitness coach to maintain the best approach to a Keto diet. However, that being said, Keto is extremely restrictive and it hasn’t been researched enough to prove whether or not the Keto Diet is safe and effective.

If you've been wondering what fruits you can eat on keto, you've come to the right spot.

What Fruits Can You Eat On Keto

If you’re following a Keto diet, or thinking about beginning one, you’re going to want to consider something called ‘net carbs’ when you’re counting your carbohydrate totals, especially those from fruit. Net carbs are the total carbohydrate amount in a given item minus the fiber content.

Keto Fruit - The Swole Kitchen


9g net carbs per 152 grams

Keto Fruit - The Swole Kitchen


11g net carbs in 1 cup

Keto Fruit - The Swole Kitchen


6g net carbs per 1 cup

Keto Fruit - The Swole Kitchen


5g net carbs in 1 medium (~2 inch diameter)

Keto Fruit - The Swole Kitchen


11g carbs in 152 grams

What Fruits Can You Eat On Keto by The Swole Kitchen

Star Fruit

4g net carbs per 108 grams

What Fruits Can You Eat On Keto by The Swole Kitchen


7g net carbs per 123 grams

What Fruits Can You Eat On Keto: Takeaway

While your options are going to be limited and you’ll need to be contentious of your net carb totals, it is absolutely possible to incorporate some low calorie and low carbohydrate fruits in your Keto diet. While the Keto diet hasn’t been evaluated or studied long enough to know if it is safe and effective, it may be a short term answer for you to achieve specific weight loss goals. However, it is important to note that The Swole Kitchen approach doesn’t endorse or encourage restrictive diets, as they can often lead to overeating, underrating, cutting out entire food groups and nutrient groups, and can be unsafe and unsustainable long term.

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