18 Date Night Ideas That Don't Break The Bank

Here at The Swole Kitchen we're all about helping people optimize their lifestyle. No, we don't just focus on food or exercise, we focus on how you can be a healthier, happier, and more vibrant human being. Believe it not, this includes your dating and romantic life, as it is a big contributor to the way your feel about yourself and your overall health. We've polled our clients and found the best 18 date night ideas that don't break the bank for you and your hunny.

Date Night Idea #1: Driving Range Breakfast

Ever hit a golf ball? Great! Never hit a golf ball? Even better! During the warmer months of the year when the sun is out and the air is refreshing, wake up early to grab some sausage links, then head over to the real links and hit up that driving range. Hitting golf balls for fun is a whole lot more cost-effective (and probably more fun) than hitting the back nine, even if you’re not a golf enthusiast. 

Before you go, make sure to download the Couples Scramble Score Card from the Dating Divas so that you and your fit chick can keep track in a competitive, yet fun way. If you’ve got kiddos and they’re in tow, we recommend maybe hitting the put-put links, as they’re a bit more family-friendly than the local golf course. 

Date Night Idea #2: Run To Beers

Exercise and drinks!? Now that sounds adventurous! While we might not all look like the #DoItForTheCheers commercial that Michelob Ultra put out, it’s a pretty similar idea. Pick a day that you’ll both be comfortable running together and don’t worry about the sweat dripping. The idea here is to put something comfortable on, to leave the headphones at home, to go outside and get some new scenery with your love.


Slow it down! Unless you both run or workout together often, you might not be on pace with each other during a run. Nothing sucks worse than chasing someone when you’re supposed to be doing something fun and feeling like you’re going to pass out, you know? So slow down the pace a little bit – it’s no competition and we can honestly say (from experience, unfortunately) that if you find yourself getting too competitive when you run together, it’s not going to be fun for either participant. 


Pick a place that is having a happy hour or special so that you can save on the bank. Whether it’s wine Wednesday or half off pint night at the local brewery, a few bucks goes a long way! Plus, maybe if you save on a drink or two, you can split an appetizer.

Running/jogging dates can be done just about anywhere, and if the run goes poorly? You’re in luck – there is food and drink at the end of the rainbow! 

Date Night Idea #3: The Scenic Drive

A drive sounds boring? Think again! There are so many different things to see no matter where you live in the country all from the comfort of your own car. Whether you pick out a national park, follow a map to see where it goes, or just hit the road with no itinerary. Give yourself about 4 hours in total, fill up the gas tank, grab some snacks, turn up the tunes, hold hands, and have yourself a date.


Try and pick a day that there won’t be a lot of traffic. You’ll save yourself a little headache… and maybe an argument or two.


Date Night Idea #4 : Fitness During Commercials

We like to call this one the couch potato workout! Not feeling up to a big adventure or spending money, or even getting out of the house? No problem. You and your fit bae can do this one from the comfort of your couch, literally! A full-body workout can be done at every commercial break during your favorite episodes and it’s a nice way to break a sweat, get a little competitive, and have some fun. In fact, Fitness Magazine has an article all about the Quick Exercises To Do During Commercial Breaks so you don’t even have to plan it out. 

Date Night Idea #5: Sign up for a RACE

This one might be for the more ‘into-it’ runners that are reading this, but hey, we’ll give it a shot! Signing up for a 5k or Fun Run may be the best way you two have mixed up your date in a long time! It’s something that you can prepare for together and do side by side. Then again, maybe if you’re the couple that airs more on the side of competitive fun, you could meet after the race for some grub with your pals.

Date Night Idea #6Archery or Axe Throwing

Scary stuff! If you’re willing to face the willies, there are places out there that you can go shoot arrows and even throw axes! In fact, archery is one of the fastest-growing sports activities in the US, and axe throwing is a great social get together that you can do on a date or on a group date. If you can find a good archery place near you, most places offer a blend of skill-building exercises, games, and video analysis. Most places allow kids (if you’ve gotta bring them with you and want to make a family fun date) as young as 7 years old and cater to experience levels from beginner to experts. If you are looking to break a sweat in a new way, take your fit couple date to the next level with this idea.

Date Night Idea #7: Set Up A Scavenger Hunt

This one may, or may not, be a little more involved than the other ideas on this list. However, with a little prep and planning, it could end up being the most fun! Check out this comprehensive (and rather easy!) guide to making the Coolest Treasure Hunt Map Ever.  Heck, this could even turn into a family outing, monthly date, or annual event with your whole family.

If planning isn’t something you fancy, the Urban Adventure Quest has turned your local city into a gameboard – for $49 per person you can embark on a 2 mile, 19 challenge, 2.5-3 hour date! BOOM!

Date Night Idea #8: Batting Cages

Dress for the occasion and prepare for things flying very fast through the air and at your body, we’re headed to the batting cages! You don’t have to be great to swing a bat, and if you get a little nervous, that’s completely alright! While your partner might be great at slugging away some fast-twitch baseball at the local batting cages, you can adjust the speed on the machine at any time. “Hey honey, can you get behind me and show me how to swing better?”. Who knew the batting cages could be a lot more romantic than just peanuts and beer! 

Keep your elbow up, wear your hair in a cute ponytail/braid, keep your eye on the ball, and have some fit couple fun at the local cages!

Date Night Idea #9: Berry Picking

Spending some time outside participating in some crafty gardening moments can go a long way for a fit couple! It’s a way to be active and break a sweat without feeling like it’s ‘work’. During the summer months there are a lot of farms that do ‘you-pick ___’. Whether that’s berries or vegetables in the summer or stone fruit like peaches and plums in the fall, there are usually lots of places you can get out to and enjoy some time in the sun with fresh, locally grown goodies.

Bonus: some farms even serve some sort of adult beverage like beer or wine, or are next to a winery, distillery, or brewery. Grab some food, a drink, and have yourself a good time. This is a great one too if you have kiddos tagging along.

Date Night Idea #10: Walk The Dog(s) (or Cats?)

Walking the animals might seem like a mundane, daily task at first. I mean, it’s usually the first thing you do when you get home; feed the dog, take the dog to poop, give dog water, carry on. Don’t have a dog? Grab the cat!

You can spice it up by asking your fit Hunny to go on the walk with you. Maybe even bring the frisbee, try a new dog park, or a new route. It’ll be a nice routine refresher at the end of a long day, or even before work. Get some fresh air, smell the roses, and pick up poop. It’s more romantic then you may think – we promise! 

Date Night Idea #11: Roller Skating or Ice Skating

For most competitive people, ice skating can really be a bummer. It’s super hard and not for the faint of heart, but if you keep this in mind and decide to take it one stride at a time, ice skating during the cold months can actually be quite fun! Other times of the year, or for our fit couples who get a little too downtrodden about their lackluster skating-in-the-same-circle-for-an-hour performance, we recommend trying roller skating. It’s a cute cheap date idea that the kids can even come on and the two of you can skate around forgetting the worries of the world hand in hand. After all, when’s the last time you did that!?

Date Night Idea #12: Dancing Lessons

In need of some one-on-one time outside of the gym with your partner to spice things up!? Take some dancing lessons! There are so many different types and styles of dancing sure to keep things exciting. From the Cha Cha to the Cumbia, The Forró, and the East Coast Swing, you might discover a passion for dancing that you never knew (or either of you) have ever had before. Now that sounds like a new way to get your hearts pumping! 

Date Night Idea #13: Rent Bikes or Scooters

Want to get some activity in without working too hard for it? In most cities, bikes and scooters (my personal favorite) are popping up everywhere and all you have to do to unlock them is download the app. So easy! Zip, Zoom, and Zoop around seeing the place you live from a new perspective. It’s almost like playing tag with your crush, but as an adult, all without the hassle of running.

Date Night Idea #14: Rent Paddle Boards/Kayaks

You’re in luck with this one if you’ve got a body of water nearby. Whether it’s jumping in the water with a cheap floatie, rending a stand-up paddleboard, attending a paddleboard yoga class, or cruising around in a kayak, the water has plenty of adventures awaiting you for your next fit date. Better yet - borrow a friend’s boards and save yourself some money!


Check your local listings or Groupon for a discount coupon!

Date Night Idea #15: Wine Tasting

Wine tasting makes a great date idea for the fit couple and it doesn’t have to be some extravagant and expensive trip to Napa to have just as much fun. Chances are there are local wineries near you just waiting for you to come in for a tasting! Or better yet? Head on down after your workout to a local wine bar.

Date Night Idea #16: Visit The Zoo

Not up for the big game park or don’t have one near you? Maybe you have a zoo! If you’re looking to get a little wild in a more controlled environment than driving by a herd of bison, riding an elephant, or watching a cheetah mawl a hunk of meat in the dirt, then the local zoo may be a great date place for you! Most zoos these days cater to the adult population with adult beverages and plenty of snacks for the kids if they’re in on your day date, too. After all, you’re never too old for the zoo!


A lot of zoos will have special event days, such as pajama day, adult day, or around the holidays when they actually give the animals gifts and you get to watch them tear them open! Check out your local listings to see if there’s something coming up soon.

Date Night Idea #17: Take Your Parents On A Date (Or Grandparents)

Now, before you bash this one, there’s a lot to be learned from an older love. Plus, when was the last time you took your grandparents out to do something, or just had dinner at their house and made them feel special? While looks might change, a strong love doesn’t, and probably one of the most romantic things you can do is remind them of the love that they had, while celebrating the love that you have, too!

Date Night Idea #18: Group Date Night

What’s better than a night out? A nice night out with your other couple friends! Don’t forget how much fun it can be to organize a date night. You’ve been working hard, child-rearing (or fur child-rearing), and you need a break to just ahh, relax. Well, guess what!? So do your fellow fit couple friends! Take any one of the ideas on this list and make it a party of 4 or 6 (wine tasting gets REALLY fun this way!). You’ll make memories, laugh hard, and feel relaxed and ready to take on whatever life throws at you next, without breaking the bank.

Date Night Ideas: Takeaway

All in all, each couple needs a little break away from the doldrums of day to day life. Make time with these cute cheap date ideas and watch the spice meter rise!


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