How To Use Custom Meal Plans To Reach Your Goals

We realize that different people have different goals. When it comes to your meal plan, we believe it should be completely customized to you, your lifestyle, and the foods that you love, not the foods that you don’t. Instead of short-term diets and fad eliminations of entire food groups, here at The Swole Kitchen, we aim to help people create a simple, enjoyable, and maintainable relationship with food thanks to custom meal plans for your lifestyle. Let's dig into the benefits of custom meal plans and how they can help you reach your goals.

Custom Meal Plans Save Money

Did we mention that it saves tons of money in the long run? Look at it this way - pre-made meals can run you up to $13.00 a meal. Pre-made liquid protein and replacement shakes run people $4-$7 for a single serving. Don’t even get us started on eating out and just how much money that costs, because chances are if you’re reading this article, you already know how deep that can dig into your wallet.

RECOMMENDED: 7-Day Customized Meal Plan + Grocery List (Punch Card)

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Custom Meal Plans Remove Guesswork 

But here’s the problem that most people face, what do you make? How do you know ‘how much’ and ‘of what you should be eating? Ok, you might have goals. However, the road to those goals is unclear because food and diet culture get so ‘noisy’. Before you know it, you’re overwhelmed with nutrition information, food facts, diet tips, and everything else, leaving you more confused than you were before you started.

This is where custom meal plans for your lifestyle can really come in handy. So what are they? What do you get?


Custom Meal Plans Are Made For You

Each custom meal plan that our coaches here at The Swole Kitchen create has YOU in mind. We don’t have to eat the food on the plane, you do! So the more ‘you’ we can make it, the better. We give you a weekly program to follow that makes healthy cooking easy thanks to custom, on-demand meal plans for your unique lifestyle. We can also cater custom meal plans to adhere to a variety of eating patterns, such as low carb, keto, paleo, food allergies, vegetarian, vegan, and more.

How To Get Started

So how do you get started with getting custom meal plans for your lifestyle? The next step is scheduling a 1:1 free nutrition consultation with a coach here at The Swole Kitchen. We’ll ask you questions about your lifestyle, the food you like, your health/performance/aesthetic goals, family size, and more. The call only takes about 15 minutes to complete and together, with your coach, you both will decide on the best action plan to move forward with.

Once you get set up with nutrition coaching that includes customized meal plans, or just 7-day ‘punch card’ style meal plans, you get access to an app (or a PDF) with your meal plan, macros, recipes, portion sizes, and an easy to read a grocery list. By having the grocery list populate automatically from the meal plan, there truly is no guesswork involved on what to get when you go, you just follow the list and get what you need.

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What If I Make Food For My Whole Family?

What about if you have a family or are cooking for more people than you? No problem! You can always double, triple, or quadruple your meal plan so that you’re not having to make three different meals for you and your family while you eat something completely different. You can still work on your goals while creating a healthy nutritional lifestyle, not just for you, but your family, too!

That’s the beauty of truly customized meal plans for your lifestyle, you know!?

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Schedule your free nutrition consultation
  2. View the plans and decide if you want to do punch card plans or full nutrition coaching along with your meal plans (recommended)
  3. Get started!

Custom Meal Plans: Takeaway

When looking to change your lifestyle and for a new approach to reach your goals, keep the idea of custom meal plans close in mind. While the experience is short and immersive, the skills and tools that you'll learn throughout your program or your plan(s) will stick with you for a very long time, plus you'll save money, learn new recipes, and love your food. If you're not quite ready to hop into a coaching program then check out our 7-day 'punch card' single week customized meal plan option instead.

The Swole Kitchen - Get Started

THE SWOLE KITCHEN provides 1:1 nutrition coaching, macro coaching, and custom meal plans to help guide you to becoming the best version of yourself.

We believe nutrition should be simplified and delicious. We give you the tools you’ve been missing to anticipate and meet your needs on a daily basis. Discover what if feels like to truly love your body and your life with personalized 1:1 nutrition coaching.

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