Intermediate Competitive Fitness Programming

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The intermediate coaching program is a 1:1 coaching design for athletes who are working to develop the required strength and skill to perform workouts and competitions as prescribed. With a customized approach to you as an individual, unlike template programming, we will target specific weaknesses in the areas of strength, skill, and endurance. Your coach and specific program design will enable you to perform all RX movements in both training and competition.

Who The Program Is For

Beginner-level athlete with a goal of building foundational strength, skills, and endurance to perform workouts as RX.  This will complement competition aspirations towards the CrossFit Open, Quarterfinals, or any other similar CrossFit-style competition.

Goals Of The Programming

  • Graduate from the scaled/intermediate division to RX
  • Perform all gymnastics movements with confidence
  • Receive accountability, motivation, support, and guidance from a coach
  • Use standard prescribed weights in training and competition
  • Complete the CrossFit Open as RX with aspirations of making it to Quarterfinals
  • Address and develop the psychology of the athlete in the sport
  • Approach training with intensity and tenacity with the accountability and guidance of a 1:1 coaching program

Training Time Commitment

  • 60-90 minutes per day
  • 1 session per day
  • 4-6 training days per week

Gym + Equipment

  • Access to a standard functional fitness facility
  • Scaling or modifications will be provided if the equipment isn't available


  • Month-to-Month Payment
  • 30-Day Cancellation Notice
  • 3-Month Minimum Requirement

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