8-Week Body Recomp Challenge

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95% of all new years resolutions fail

Why? Because they are set up for short-term results and not long-term sustainability.

In this 8-week challenge, we’re going to help you establish healthy lifestyle habits, dietary basics, and behaviors that not only serve your short-term aesthetic and performance goals, but your goals to help you keep your gains and optimize your health and wellness.

While improving physical health is a common resolution among many of us, it also turns out to be a common failure. At the end of the day, resolutions only matter if you stick with them, and that’s what we're here to help you do. By providing you with accountability, guidance, and mentorship, we’ll help you beat the odds and succeed at your health goals to lose body fat and gain more muscle mass. 

Through the first 8 weeks of 2023, we’ll work 1:1 with you to establish methods for you to achieve your goals that are proven to work. We’ll create and maintain habits that work towards your goals that you can sustain long-term and turn into an enjoyable lifestyle. You will also be joining a challenge community of people just like you who are fed up with not improving their aesthetic, achieving results, and being able to sustain their successes long-term.


If you’re looking to reduce body fat, maintain/increase lean muscle, and see improvements in your health, athletic performance, and sex life, then this challenge is for you.

It takes 21 days to make a new habit and it takes 60 days to get that new behavior to become automatic. That’s why with the guidance, mentorship, and accountability from not only a coach, but a community of people just like you, we’re going to be able to not only give you the tools and ability to achieve your goals in the next 8 weeks but empower you to continue to pursue them long after the challenge has ended. 

With a Customized Plan, A Supportive Community, and A Dedicated Coach, you can finally become the best version of you


November 15th - December 15th, 2022

Add this product to your cart and checkout.  Once your payment has been processed, you’ll create a client profile and fill out a very detailed questionnaire for your coach. Prior to the onboarding period, you will have access to a library of resources and our private Mighty Network community.


December 26th - December 31st, 2022

Your coach will create your nutrition plan, calculate + assign your customized macros, and officially welcome you to the TSK community during the onboarding period

Next, you will start tracking your food and habits on January 1st, then check in with your coach weekly; each week working on ways to improve and reach your goals.


January 1st - February 28th, 2023

You will have access to all of the following during the program:

  • A dedicated coach for accountability, motivation, and guidance
  • A personalized plan that fits your lifestyle
  • Hand-calculated macros for your body composition goals
  • A library of resources to help you succeed with food lists, nutrient timing, etc.
  • A 50+ recipe e-cookbook for your dietary preferences
  • Check-in software that auto-syncs to your food-tracking app (MFP)
  • Weekly check-ins with a dedicated nutrition coach
  • Weekly habit development and tracking prompts
  • Access to the private TSK challenge community
  • Supplement discounts, education, and personalized recommendations
  • Food Suggestions and Meal Prep Suggestions
  • Habit Based Coaching
  • Customized Supplement Recommendations From Swolverine


  • One-Time Payment (Challenge Starts Jan 1, 2023 and Ends Feb 28th, 2023)
  • Due to the nature of this product, no refunds will be issued. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matt Woodward
Great outcomes with honest support

I started with all my knowledge of food and working out coming from YouTube, TikTok, and Google. I was already tracking my meals and macros. I had fitness goals established. I came into this program without really knowing how helpful it would be.
At the end of the program, I was much closer to my goals and I had learned tools to keep me on track. Alix is a wonderfully honest coach. Everything she taught me resonates beyond just my current goals. She GETS the bigger picture and purpose of fitness beyond just "trying to be skinny". This program is recognition of your internal struggles on all levels (emotional, physical, mental). Alix didn't ignore my struggles. She taught me how to recognize them, and how to achieve my goals with the struggles in mind.
That said, I was REALLY motivated before I started. I think it would have been difficult to jump into this without already having some knowledge of meal tracking.

Chelsea Cochran
Amazing! Recommend 100 %

I’m so thankful to have been part of this first group! It was exactly what I needed to get the start I needed and I’m so happy with my results. All around great experience!